WatchGuard has some useful news to share about the upcoming 12.0 release for the Fireware Operating System. This release brings a new partner for the gateway anti-virus (GAV) service.

Bitdefender is the new anti-virus engine (AV), which will provide improved efficacy, higher performance and faster response for WatchGuard GAV service. You can count on Spearhead to help you with this update if you are our customer of Bitdefender, WatchGuard, or you want to become one of them.


Improvements about Malware Detection:

  • New AntiVirus Engine.
  • APT Blocker to reduce malware infection and ransomware through email.

Implied settings to increase secure

  • Cryptography defaults are substantial improved for VPN connections
  • PPTPless for more security

Octopus structure

  • A single IP can support more than one applications while WG can handle SSL termination for all of them
  • New content actions
  • Permission for multicast traffic


If you would like more detailed information, Watchguard provides PowerPoint presentation – What’s New in fireware v12.0 – with more detailed information.


Give us a shout, we are happy to hear your questions.